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Paid Surveys At Home Free Registration
Paid Surveys At Home Free Registration

Are paid surveys at home scam or legit? Paid surveys at home free registration? I was really hesitant to start taking surveys for money. I thought “Why would any companies want to pay me to take a survey?” It seemed like a shady business. But after seeing a bunch of ads in a local paper, I finally decided to sign up with NPD Online Research. I wasn’t completely satisfied with their payment program – or lack thereof. The only reward they offer is entries into sweepstakes. But I liked taking the surveys they had, so I started branching out into the internet and looking for more sites.

I started reading blogs and signing up on every site anyone would recommend. I have discovered that many of them don’t pay very well or have weird points systems that don’t translate to very much cash. Are they scams? No. Every one I have come across has offered some kind of incentive for completing surveys, but whether that incentive is worth the time invested is another matter. For me, I stick to three sites that I use daily: FusionCash, Cash Crate, and Inbox Dollars. I check others occasionally, but the bulk of the money I make is with these three sites. And the first month I started using them, I made $150 between the three.

One thing I would advise to stay away from is any company that requires you to pay to join. It may even sound like a good investment, but why bother paying to join something when there are so many options out there that are free?

There are quite a few options out there in the world of paid survey sites. It may seem like a shady business, but it’s really not. Survey companies just want your opinion so that they can shape their products and get the most out of their marketing. Some offers that can be completed are a way to try and get you to buy products or sign up for other services, but if you stick to the 100% free offers and complete the tasks as directed, you can make a great supplemental income without having to spend a dime!

Can you get rich by taking paid surveys at home?

It is possible but not very likely. However, you can earn a very nice side income at home to help you buy all those things you may not be able to afford from your regular job pay check. Paid survey at legit companies are looking for specific or certain demographics to take the paid surveys requested by their clients. For instance, they may want single men that are between the age of 30 and 40 or mothers of young kids, etc. because the market research companies want to know what those specific individuals want to buy so they can be able to tailor their advertising campaign to exactly want the group is looking for in a product.

How to avoid paid surveys at home scam

As good as the idea of paid surveys at home sounds to you, many of the claims do seem too good to be true. That is as a result of many of the websites that are extolling the virtues of paid surveys at home are nothing but scams. Do not fall for all their hype. And be wary of any paid surveys at home website that provides any of the following:

– Earning guarantees. there is absolutely no way any paid surveys at home legit company can guarantee you a specific or particular amount you can earn by taking paid surveys at home because you control how many of the surveys you are offered that you actually can take. And not all paid surveys actually pay well.

– Outrageous fake testimonials. while it may be possible to make extra cash doing paid surveys at home, you will not be able to make a fortune for just a few minutes of work. Although Survey taking is an easy work at home job b but you are not going to be paid around $20 or $30 dollars for just a minute for your time. Many of these testimonials are written by paid staff, grifters, unscrupulous professional writers and online criminals. Do not ever buy their lies. It’s all fake, not but fake.

– Employee uploaded checks. most of the checks you may find online are bogus or are the exception rather than the rule.

So how can you be able to protect yourself from paid surveys at home scam? You need to do your research, most especially if the site is charging a fee for offering you with paid surveys at home.

– Read the website’s privacy policy, terms of service, disclaimers, about us page, and so on. If a privacy policy and a disclaimer are not found on the site, run as fast you can. Legitimate paid survey at home businesses always provide a privacy policy and a disclaimer in order to avoid being sued by their clients.

– Search for contact info. Paid survey at home legit business will always provide you with their postal address, not just a PO Box or their email address, and will define their legal jurisdiction in disclaimer or one of the other legal documents. If that info is not provided, do not ever trust them.

– Do a whois lookup on their website domain name to see who really owns it. How many websites they own and also whether they are frequently changing hosting companies as well as domain names.

List of paid surveys at home legit companies we have started that actually pay:

Welcome to my list of free paid surveys at home and the survey sites that have consistently been the highest paying for me. My blog is straight to the point and only lists the paid survey at home legit sites where I’ve been able to get absolute top dollars for every single survey and earn the most on a consistent monthly basis. After 6 years of doing them, I thnk I have a pretty good handle on which ones to stick with. I recommended joining more than just a couple of them (all are 100% free for life), so that you always have new surveys to do for cash online. When one of them is out of cash paid surveys for the day, you can hop over to the next, which is how I make a good survey income from them. That’s what I do to this day, which works out awesome when you have a lot of time to kill, or even just a little time.

With that said, here is my full list!

#1.) Fusion Cash

Before the first review…here is a constantly updated banner of my earnings from this great site (and the banner is hosted on their site, so it is not altered)…

Free Money at FusionCash!

Not bad, huh?

They are by far the cream of the crop when it comes to this list of free paid surveys at home and the sites that have no cost surveys. No listing would be complete without them on it, plain and simple. Now, I know the banner I have posted up top seems unreal because of the huge amount of money it states, but it is 100% real. If you look, you will see that the banner is hosted on FusionCash’s website, and they update the banner ON THEIR OWN, so it’s completely legit. It’s not just that they have so many free paid surveys at any given time, because they also constantly update their database, so that you have ones flying at you on a constant basis. Add this to the fact that you can get paid cash for online surveys by check, Paypal, OR Direct Diposit and you can already tell that they are a step ahead of the competition when it comes to giving people a no cost way to earn quite a bit online in their spare time. Once you go to their front page, you will see the first collection of free paid surveys listed. Doing just the dozen or so they have on that one page can make you about $30 in about a half hours time. It just doesn’t get easier and they are always putting up more online surveys to add more fun to the mix. Oh yeah, did I mention that they give you a free $5 just for becoming a 100% free member of the best of the free paid survey sites? Click Here to Start Earning Cash


#2.) Memo Link

You may already know about Memo Link from another list of paid surveys, like so many others who’ve already fallen in love with them. What do I like about them the most? Well, I love the fact that they let you know “the instant” they update their database, so you can get cash for online surveys before the quotas become filled. When you take one that is brand new, they pay more, and you have the chance to make much more than people take them a week later from other websites. You receive points from MemoLink, which you can turn right into cash OR gift cards, no questions asked. They give you two choices, giving you great flexability after filling them out. My favorite trait about them isn’t the cash, beleive it or not. It’s how much pride they take in making and supplying new, fun surveys to get paid cashonline, and they are actually fun to do. Click to do their Free Paid Surveys now!


#3.) My Points

My Points is one of the free survey at home sites that has been around since the “start” of making money online and they continue to impress to this day. Don’t let the word “points” fool you, though. You still get cash via Paypal or check when you get paid for their online surveys. Calling it “points” is just how they appeal to a wider audience. You turn those points right into real cash when you want your earnings. They have revamped their database to include more top dollar surveys than ever, and you receive exclusive ones sent right to your email (just like Global) in addition to the hundreds they have in their website. Top dollar and top of the line support…what else could you want? MyPoints is always one of the 100% free survey sites and will remain that way. I love getting cash from them every month and so do hundreds of friends who I’ve told them about. Go ahead and compare how much they pay for online surveys to 99% of the other places you’ve been a part of over the years. Click Here to Rack Up the Points…


#4) Panda Research

Panda Research has been around for what seems like 10 years. In fact, I think it HAS been that long. Not many companies can say that, because most places start to take money here and there from their surveys, keeping more cash for themselves, which drives people away. Every list of free paid surveys that doesn’t include them (especially in 2011) is not doing their research. You want constant survey offers to do? They have them. You want to get your cash when YOU want it? They do that, too. After being in the free paid surveys game for so long, they’ve almost perfected how to keep their members happy, month after month.


#5) Surveys 4 Profit

I normally won’t put “new” websites up, simply because I like to give it more time before making a full review. Surveys 4 Profit is an exception, though. Every single thing I’ve read, heard and encountered about them has been fantastic. I got paid quick, the surveys kept coming and that’s all I really ask for. Oh, I also ask that a website pays on the high end, which they also do! I might have to bump them up a few spots in a month or two.

#6) GlobalTestMarket

The name basically says it all, because they really are “Global”. I started to like them the first time I saw their extensive database of surveys, even though it was overwhelming at first…(well, their great reputation for giving money generously helped a tiny bit, too). They are unique in that they tend to have many, many exclusive, surveys that are not available to most other free paid survey sites. In a nutshell, they are pretty much the Grandfather of the industry. On top of having a big selection of online surveys to get paid cash on their website every time you log in, they send even more exclusive ones right to your email. They also pay on time, every single month AND have a $4000 sweepstakes twice a month, which you are always automatically entered to win. Signing Up Takes 30 Seconds.

Do you do paid surveys at home? Let us know the list of websites you use that offer legit paid surveys at home.