Take Online Surveys For Cash or Money Review

“Take surveys for cash review”, “take surveys for money” and “taking surveys for money”. If you searched any of these words on google, welcome. Here is a complete guide on how to take online surveys for cash, the companies and their reviews. So, if you are looking for get paid to take surveys without spending a dime, you have come to the right post.
Take Surveys For Cash Review

You can be able to make extra money getting paid to take surveys. Thousands of firms and organization worldwide are spending millions of dollars every year in order to find out what consumers like to buy. This information is extremely valuable to them such that they are willing to pay you for your opinions.

All you need get started is just a computer that has an internet connection and also a free email address where you can be able to receive invitations to take surveys for cash. If you have all these, then you will need to register with several online survey companies so you can start getting paid to take surveys.

There are two basic types of paid survey companies that claim to pay you cash to take surveys. There are those where you can join for free and those that charge a fee. Free companies are usually owned by the legitimate market research firms that create, administer and compile the survey data.

Fee based paid survey companies charge you for access to their database and for the cost of keeping the information up to date. This is not right. We will advise you not to pay any fee for surveys. Most of these websites provide lists of  paid survey companies that you can easily get free by doing little google search online.

The reason that you need to join several online surveys that pay cash is because most of them cannot provide you with a full day’s job. Also note that people living in the USA will most likely have more surveys opportunities than others because there are some paid virtual focus groups as well as paid follow up telephone surveys usually available to US residents.

You can earn a nice side income while getting paid to take surveys. You may even make enough money to quit your day job. But we will advise you to stick to your day job while taking surveys as part-time work. However, most people will be able to pick up a nice part time income without ever leaving their house.

Great things about taking surveys for money:

  • Anyone can do it.
  • Where else can most people get paid for their opinions?
  • You get to have a say so in how new products are developed and what features they will have
  • You can make extra money
  • You can work when and where you want to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Answering the questions, can help you decide what features you would really like to have in the products you currently use which will help you decide which brand to buy when you replace them.

Things to Do and Don’t When Taking Surveys for Money:

1. Don’t make Survey Account your Storage account
You should have it in mind that survey firms are not banks, they can crash or fold anytime. It is a wise action to withdrawal immediately your money reaches payment limit, because your protection is not put into consideration.

2. Set a separate e-mail address
You can choose to open a different e-mail address, Gmail preferably, just for the survey as they tend to bombard you with message. These helps you keep the surveys you are sent in check.

3. Don’t expect to earn very huge instantly
It won’t be nice to give up on surveys, you need to be patient with it because you don’t get to choose how surveys will be sent to you, it might probably take time to get to their payout threshold. You just have to take it as your leisure affair and don’t expect instant cash.

4. Always spend your gift vouchers ASAP
It is better to be paid in cash, but if you eventually end up receiving gift vouchers, don’t waste time to spend it to avoid retailer voiding it. Until they are out of date, make sure they don’t get lost.

5. Be Truthful
Don’t contradict yourself, always be truthful. Companies always compare your answers with your previous responses and you may lose all you’ve earned if they sense you are being untruthful and term you fraudulent. Not because the survey is aimed at a particular group, you’ll now say that you are 40 years old, cocoa manufacturer from North America and have a teenage daughter.

Also it is important you sign up with just one e-mail to avoid them kicking you out.

6. Always check your e-mails
Always keep your mails logged on or check it frequently because it’ll stop being available once people responds. You can always do that within your lunch hour or free time.

7. Keep Track of your Surveys
It is advisable to keep track of all the surveys you’ve taken, screenshot them, note down reference numbers if any, write down the titles and also the incentives or payments attached to it. Most sites are experts at recording all surveys you have done. Follow up the survey site if any of your promised payments is missing for them to reward you accordingly. They’ll be glad to do so.

8. Remember your Tax
Just before you start rejoicing over your earning, always remember your tax. Automatically, about £100 penalty will be charged if you fail to pay your tax from your third month of starting. Find a way and register withHMRC if you are only doing few surveys as your leisure activity. Although survey earnings are personal earnings, depending on your yearly net income, declaring where you stand with the HM Revenue and customs will be advisable because there is need to declare your extra income sources.

You can call them on 0300 200 3504 for verification with them. Or get full info using the HMRC’s self-employment handouts. It was heard on the news that government shoved down 2 tax breakers who were supposed to earn by April 6,2017 charging them almost £1,000 for room renters and online purchases.

9. Complain Using Social Media
To draw the attention of the MoneySavers report survey sites, it is better to use the social media like their Facebook or twitter page when they refused to respond to your issues or problems. Their reputation matters to them.

10. Never Pay to Join
Never pay for registration on any site offering to pay you higher when you pay for your registration.

11. Refer a Friend
Some are stuck at some point from getting to the cash out threshold, they keep waiting for an e-mail for a survey to push them up. At this point, it is advisable to refer someone as survey sites can award up to 50p referral for referring someone or a friend. It is very useful when you just have few points remaining to attain payout limit.

12. Have a Relaxed Mind towards the excess screenouts
Some of these survey sites have a bad habit of asking too many questions only to declare that you are not qualified later on. It’s so annoying especially if you wasted so much time answering all these questions. It is better you don’t start joining all the survey site you see on Google, just try survey sites with payouts decent enough with reliable survey volume and lower cash out threshold.

Below are the top survey sites lists which might ask a lot of questions but at the end people get qualified to partake. This list was compiled with the help of analysis and feedback from MoneySavers’ reviews . You can add to the list if you don’t find any top survey site here.

Top companies to take surveys for money review:

  • #1 Ipsos i-Say

This is a wonderful place to take surveys for money, about the best paying-survey site with so many surveys that can be up to £10 or many Amazon gift cards each month. You earn about 5 – 250 points for each survey.About 1,380 points gives £10voucher (Amazon vouchers) and an average member does like four surveys in a month.
It takes up to two or three weeks before vouchers arrive once you cash in. Reports from forumites has it that i-Say is honest with their payment and you get paid in retail vouchers like John Lewis and “Compliments voucherswhich can be of benefit in so many street shops like Argos and Boots. To complete any survey takes an average of about 15 minutes.

  • #2 Swagbucks

This is another survey site that pay cash take surveys which earns you points to answer their daily polls, watch videos, using their page to make researches instead of Google and playing free online games. You can use these points on rewards from their reward store example about 849 points is equivalent to a £5 Amazon voucher. You can also get few swagbucks for registration especially if you follow the newbies link where you can £5 and also £10 bonus for Amazon vouchers, M&S and more. Only one poll daily is allowed to earn your rewards or get paid. Make sure you always study the Terms and conditions carefully before embarking on it or try being a member of Swagbucks Challenge 2017 thread for more encouragement. Each survey time takes an average of 10 -20 minutes to complete and you can get about 70 Swagbucks (40p) per survey. Their payment options include Cash via Paypal, Amazon vouchers M&S and more.

  • #3 Globaltestmarket

This is a trustworthy US company that allow you to take surveys for cash which gives about £30 vouchersonce you have gotten up to 1000 points. Forumites can earn up to £100 from the site in a year from these surveys. Payments through PayPal or Vouchers can take up to five to ten working days to be processed. You might end up not qualifying after series of questions from the site but a little incentive in the form of points might be given to you. You might be given survey that makes you end up in prize draw instead of being paid, you can take them if you have enough time, otherwise just stay with surveys that will pay.
There have been cases where people’s accounts were closed with reason unknown, if such case applies to you, trying contacting GlobalTestMarket on their Facebook page. Each survey is about £1.20 with each survey time about 20 minutes.

  • #4 PopulusLive

These survey company pays you so well about £1 for every 5 minutes spent on their site although they don’t have regular survey. PopulusLive survey site is known in the Forumites and they are particularly into culture business and politics research. With a high payout threshold of up to £50, cashing in might take a long time and then surveys to be taken aren’t as much as other sites. Their payment option is cash (Cheque)

  • #5 Google Opinion Rewards

This survey is just about the easiest and simplest way to take Google play credit and it is available only to Android users. It is very fast to earn here which makes it amazing using the Google Opinion Reward app to get credits for buying games, books, music, app, and movies on Google play store. The beauty of this whole thing is that you get paid handsomely for carrying out simple task for example MSE Nick got 36p for providing answers to two questions. Forumites have reported that they have cashout as much as £48 even though their earningsis small, but builds up quickly.
I have been able to get many free movies using the credit I received from them. This is the best app so far.
– beansOnToast
Within 30secs, the survey is over, no waste of time. I have been using it to buy app ever since, I can’t remember when last I paid for an app. Since I started, I have gotten £33.50 from the app.
– Lexy
How does this survey work? The surveys being sent covers everything like whether you love movies to how lovely your last night restaurant was and can be sent from different aspect ranging from academic researchers, businesses or from Google itself.
Just download the app for free, allow it to know your location, give necessary details about yourself and then you’ll be notified once there is any survey.
As for the credit, it is being sent straight to your account once you complete any survey and becomes invalid after one year. Apart from subscriptions, it can be utilized to purchase anything at all from Google play store, but it will be paid once. Each survey gives about 6p to 60p and you need about 10p to purchase one item. Also, you get paid through the Google play store credit.


  • #6 Crowdology

This is another well-known site to take online surveys for money but they pay straight cash into your account when surveys are completed. They don’t use points and limit before you are paid is low about £4. This cash that is being transferred to your account is done through PayPal
The only negative thing reported by forumites about them is that their payment structure malfunctions at times but you get your money at the end. To easily lay a complaint that demands their immediate attention, it is better to do so on their Facebook page. Each survey may earn you up to £10 and you need about £10 if you like to exchange yours with Amazon vouchers. Their survey time takes about 5-10 minutes.

  • #7 MintVine

These online survey company that make their payment using cash (through PayPal) or high street vouchers with a low payment threshold of about $10 (£7) and each survey time takes up 10-20 minutes.Forumites say that you can reach their payment threshold within two days and they make getting points easier by giving daily pools and quick surveys. It was reported sometime in the past that without explanations, their studies were rejected after completing a survey although it rarely happens now.

  • #8 Prolific Academic

They have huge payouts but only if you qualify, there is a profile score for everyone which will be neglected if they feel your submissions aren’t up to standard. They will be sending you fewer invitations to studies. You just have to be bold enough because some academics can be a little harsh. Some of the academic gives top dollar just for participating in in those survey studies and some can pay up to £10. You can cash out up to £5 with fee attached or £20 without fee. Each survey takes up to 30-45 minutes and their payment options are cash (PayPal) or circle.

  • #9 MySurvey

Each survey you take here earns you up to 100p and you need about 345 p (£3) to reach their payment threshold which is quite low (345 p (£3) for PayPal or 550 (£5) for Argos voucher). It takes about 20 -30 minutes to complete each survey and they have their payment options as Cash (PayPal) and high street vouchers like Argos/Amazon. MySurvey can enable MoneySavers earn cash very fast because of their low payment threshold with plenty surveys to take. You can also be allowed to substitute 1,250 points for a £10 Amazon voucher though it’s not the best option

  • #10 Panelbase

Surveys here comes frequently thereby giving opportunities to earn bigger and there surveys covers interesting aspects like newspapers to computer game. Some of the forumites were able to cash up to £100+ within few months. They are also involved in offering market research projects like documenting your expenditures in the spending diary, have focus groups and tests products often.
There surveys have been said to be fast to complete with each survey taking about 5- 10 minutes. They have their payment methods to include cash through bank transfers, Lobe2shop or compliment vouchers. Their payment threshold is £10 and each survey earns you from 25p -£10.

  • #11 OnePoll

This survey company where you take surveys and get paid. It is quite different from other site in the sense that they don’t send invitations rather you have to log in on daily basis to check. Their polls are also interesting being that they run surveys on celebrities and your love life which can be interesting to the press. Their payment threshold is a bit high about £40 and each survey earns you as little as 20p just that there surveys are very fast, it can be worth it. There have been cases where onePoll user was hung on £39.90 without more surveys for weeks, in such scenario, you can try getting the £4 added as referral bonus by adding someone or referring to a friend.
OnePoll has also claimed that they have a free iphone app which you can use to have access to many surveys just like the website but no feedback had been given on this by teonePoll users. Please kindly give us your ideas using the OnePoll forum thread.
There surveys take about 3 minutes to complete and each survey earns you about 20p. You need about £40 to reach their withdrawal level and they have Cash (BACS or PayPal) as their payment option.

  • #12 Pinecone

This survey comapny is very sensitive and regarded as the holy grail of survey sites. They are very secretive more than Mi6 with their recruitment process and it is by invitation only. Therefore you have to wait to be invited or stumble into a web banner advert before you can sign up. You can attempt to seek this banner on websites like the mum and baby sites. Their first rule in pinecone is to be secretive with it, don’t talk so you can jump in high shoes when you get an invitation from them because you are a VIP. Quite hard to join but you get to earn from them. They payment level is as low as £3 and one survey can be made by partaking in just a single survey (each survey is £3).
You are paid with cash through PayPal or points can be substituted for Amazon vouchers and each survey takes up to 15 -20 minutes.

  • 13. Newvistalive

These survey take quality information seriously therefore they ask ‘quality control’ questions in other to discard members who lie their way through, so just be truthful and study each questions carefully.
You get to earn about 50p – £1 for each survey. And their payment threshold is as high as 5000p (£50). Some of the forumites take up to 6 months to reach the payment threshold. Survey time completion is about 15 mins ad payment method is cash (cheque)

  • #14 YourSayPays

Their surveys are quite simple and fast but you don’t get to earn much money here. Complains have it that they don’t get e-mail invitations to survey and when they log into their site, they would end up seeing just few surveys to partake in but the good thing is their low payment threshold which is £20.
They sometimes give prize awards using Amazon vouchers through the competitions held by them. They offer about 50p for each survey and each survey may take up to 2 minutes. You can receive your payment through Cash (PayPal) or Amazon vouchers.

  • #15 Toluna

This survey company offers vouchers, gift cards or PayPal payment to forumites or buy virtual items like dubbed gifties that can be turned into something real.
Your rewards can be redeemed as soon as you get up to 60,000 points. You need up to 55,000points to earn £10 whereMarks and Spencer, Mothercare and Argos can be included which is the value of each survey taken. Forumites have often complained about the length of time it could take for points to be added to you or get vouchers once you order for them, up to 6 weeks even though they are trying hard to shorten it.
The survey time for each survey is about 15 -30 minutes and their method of payment is cash (PayPal) or high street vouchers.

  • #16. YouGov

They are quite too long but it takes very long almost (3-5 years) to reach their payment threshold. Their surveys are quite short and snappy, takes up to 5 – 10 minutes of your time but they are not frequent (just like one survey each month). You need up to 5000 points (£50) before you can be paid and you this takes time considering its once a month at 50 points each. They are commissioned by people from charity to academics so you need to put your time into more serious subjects.
Their payment is made through bank transfer.

  • #17 Valued Opinions

Although we have identified a problem with them previously, the survey company cares more for valued opinions. These valued opinions earns you up to £1-£5 per survey and these payment is made through Amazon, M&S, Boots, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis & more although vouchers take up to four to six weeks from the order time.
You can also note that they charge about 50p for admin fee when you want to redeem your gift cards that is about £10.50 worth of points or a £10 voucher. Forumites have once complained that their earning haven’t been received by them due to some technical problems from the site and their customer care seems nonchalant when you lay complaints in their e-mail.
Each survey takes about 15 -20 minutes and payment level is £8

  • #18 Panel Opinion

You can withdraw your earnings once they reach £10 and you can receive your payments through PayPal, cheque or Bank Transfer. It doesn’t take much time for your earnings to add up and MoneySavers have said to have gotten up to £5 from them.
Each survey earns you up to 25p-£2 and takes about 10minutes to complete one survey.

  • #19 Survey Friends

This survey company is another place to take online surveys for money. It is slightly different from other survey sites in the sense that here points can be used to not only on retail vouchers and Love2Shop (that can be used in over 75 high street shops) and Amazon but also to bid on rewards like Kindles, Tesco vouchers and TVs. You can also use these points to win prizes that you can use to purchase things like flat screen TV when you bid in the Survey Friends’s Gift Lottery.

You need up to 20,000 points (£10) before you can make withdrawals and each survey earns you about 400 – 3,000 points. The typical time it takes to complete one survey is about 10 minutes.

  • #20 Vanson Bourne

Before you could join this site to take surveys to make money, you be working in an IT or business firm. They require you to fill in your job details in their application form and only then can they decide if you are qualified to take their surveys. They determine this because they will also ask the details of the job you described. They have no limit for withdrawal and you earn a decent amount of£10 in a single survey. They are very swift with payment in the sense that you receive your Amazon e-vouchers through your mail few hours after completing your survey which is their only payment method.
Each survey takes about 20 minutes to complete it.

  • #21 Pureprofile

This is another trustworthy site where you can take surveys online for money but the unfortunate thing about them is that they don’t have consistent surveys. It might take up to nine months before you can earn the £25 target for payment. They give about one survey a month and you have to log into their site to check as you may not receive any alert. It also takes about 15 minutes to complete each survey.

  • #22 Vivatic

It provides you the opportunity to take surveys for cash only. Initially the payout threshold of this site was increased to £25 but was later reduced back to £20 and this added to the happiness of forumites. Each survey you take earns you £1 and their payout method is cash through PayPal. There has been a report by money savers that they were excluded after they have answered numerous questions.Vivatic were popular for their regular surveys and it takes about 10 – 20 minutes to compete a survey.

  • #23 Opinion Outpost

Opinion outpost is well known for their low payout limit which is just £2.50. Each taken survey earns you about 50 points and can be exchanged for cash through PayPal when it’s up to £2.50 or redeemed for Amazon vouchers. In the past years, their surveys were reported by forumites have a scattered or irregular pattern, but they seem to have improved in these present years. Their low payout threshold is nice because it will enable you to easily have cash at hand. Each surveys takes up to 15 minutes and you can send feedbacks through opinion outpost. There are some surveys which will gain you access to prize draws instead of the real cash you were supposed to earn. This survey site is good for survey fans that are enthusiastic.

  • #24 Answerpoints

Answerpoints survey company that was formerly known as “justtheanswer” survey website. To be a part of this site, you need to be a lover of survey and be patient and dedicated. You need about 500 points before you can make any withdrawal from this site and each survey earns you about 50p-£1.50. It should be known to you that it takes very long before you earn a point in this site although the time to complete one survey is about 10 minutes. Just few feedbacks were gotten from forumites about their successful cash in. You get to earn 50 points just for registering on the site and with just 50 points, you can gain access to the Answerpoints quarterly prize draw as many times as you want.
Answerpoints use these means to reward those who took part in their surveys; the methods include Amazon vouchers and donations to Macmillan Cancer Support.

  • #25 Mindmover

Mindmover is a site taking surveys online for money is quite easy. They offer you interesting surveys although they are not consistent with their surveys.
This is another slow survey site which uses cash through PayPal or Amazon vouchers as their payout method when you have earned up to £20 but when you get up to £30 in your account, you can be paid through check.
Forumites have reported that earning enough to be able to be paid takes a lot of time because of the inconsistency of their surveys. Payments through PayPal take up to 30 working days before you receive it while that od cheque can take as long as 56 working days before it is gotten.
Each survey earns you 50p to £10 and an average time taken to complete each survey is 15 minutes. You can send your feedback to mindmover and check your e-mail for tips on getting their free money, latest deals, guides and loopholes.

In Conclusion

You can actually make money taking online surveys if you put more effort and follow the above steps. But don’t expect to be a millionaire by doing this because it’s not gonna happen. So, we will advise you to take surveys for money as a part-time work and don’t make the mistake of quiting your day job.

Do you like getting paid to take surveys? Use the comment section below to tell us how you manage to take surveys for cash.

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