In this down economy, people are investing in silver for protection against inflation. A business silver coins house offers people a way to invest in silver and a way to make residual income. Before starting a home business, decide whether to sell American Silver Eagle coins or generic rounds and bars. American Silver Eagle coins in the Mint of the United States in West Point, New York, produced eagle bullion coins with their weight, content and purity guaranteed by the United States. The American Silver Eagles is the most popular coin collection. Each coin contains one troy ounce of silver .pure and the diameter is one and a half inches. In more than thirty-four million coins were sold to investors. People can buy bullion coins or numismatic coins eagle eagle. A business will sell eagle bullion coins with a small premium over the spot price of silver. Affiliate marketing companies and increased coin buyers club business sell bullion. In a marketing company affiliate commission you will make in their references to the company. In a wholesale business club shoppers make commission on referrals to the company and also of the Commission in the binary compensation plan. Numismatic eagle coins are graded by the Professional Coin Grading Service, Numismatic Guarantee Corporation and companies classification of the American Numismatic Association. After that qualify, the coins are placed in a plastic box with year degree and its own unique serial number on the case. MS is a degree of the highest grade available for a coin. MS is an abbreviation for mint state. The coins are graded on a scale. Seventy is the best grade of a coin.

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Numismatic coins sell for a higher premium because it is also paying for the rarity and value of coin collection. Network marketing companies sell silver numismatic coins to people. A business wholesale buying club sell numismatic coins and ingots people. In network marketing companies that make commission on referrals and also of the Commission in the compensation plan. Restaurants generic rounds and rounds silver bars are manufactured from private mints and come in many different designs. These rounds are a bullion product but are legal tender and any nominal value. The rounds are one ounce .999 pure silver and are the most popular investment option because they have the lowest premium over the spot price of silver. Google Sniper 3.0 Review The most popular generic round is the round of Buffalo. This round has the same design as the Indian / Buffalo Head Nickel. The round eagle Sun has an eagle flying across the sun on the currency and are also a very popular generic coin. Generic silver bars come in many different weights and require greater investment. Affiliate marketing companies and more buyers club business sells generic rounds and bars. With the economic uncertainty of today, there is a greater demand for silver as an investment. Silver coins american eagle and generic rounds are two products that can be marketed to people. A home business coin silver offers people a way to invest in silver and a way to make money by offering real and tangible assets people.