The Person Who Referred Me to FusionCash

It all started with an ad in my local newspaper for a company looking for people to take surveys. I joined the website and soon discovered that it was a fairly simple way to earn some extra cash. Eager to find more websites like it, I googled something like “best paid survey sites” and happened upon a website with a few links and banners. One of them was a referral banner for FusionCash, one of the survey websites. I joined the site from the link provided by the user “woodrowwood12” and started using FusionCash.
I thought that woodrowwood12’s site idea was brilliant, but his site didn’t have much information, just a few banners, so I created this blog to share all of my experiences with the various survey sites out there. And I’ve done just that.

But it always seems to come back to FusionCash. I recently came across a forum discussing woodrowwood12 and the banner that originally referred me to FusionCash, and wow, that person has made a lot of money!

Free Money at FusionCash!

While I’m not even close to making that kind of money on FusionCash, here is proof that it can be done! I’ve been using the site for months and it is my absolute favorite of the survey sites. If you’re interested in making a blog or website about surveys like this one, they have a great referral program and will pay the referrer up to $3 for every person referred, plus you receive $5 every time someone you have referred cashes out. And if that’s not your cup of tea, they still have plenty of other nice opportunities to make money. Here’s hopping that one day we’ll all make as much money on FusionCash as woodrowwood12!

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