10 Things I Love About CashCrate.com

Here’s just a few of the things I love about Cash Crate:

1. Getting $1 just for signing up.
2. Getting Paid to “Check In” every day
3. The variety of ways I can make money on this site, from taking surveys to watching videos to participating in contests
4. Getting $3 every time someone I refer makes $10
5. Logging into Cash Crate in the morning and seeing that I’ve made more money without doing anything.
6. How helpful everyone on the forums is
7. The random promotions and prizes they offer when following @cratey on Twitter.
8. Fun Contests – with some excellent prizes.
9. All of the 100% free offers – there’s so many to choose from!
10. How easy it is to actually get paid! They say it can take a few weeks to receive, but my check always comes immediately each month.

Cash Crate is definitely one of the best and easiest Best paid survey sites to use, so if you don’t have an account, you should think about getting one. It’s hard to say no to easy money!