Are Paid Survey Sites A Scam?

Are Paid Survey Sites A Scam? I was really hesitant to start taking surveys for money. I thought “Why would any companies want to pay me to take a survey?” It seemed like a shady business. But after seeing a bunch of ads in a local paper, I finally decided to sign up with NPD Online Research. I wasn’t completely satisfied with their payment program – or lack thereof. The only reward they offer is entries into sweepstakes. But I liked taking the surveys they had, so I started branching out into the internet and looking for more sites.

I started reading blogs and signing up on every site anyone would recommend. I have discovered that many of them don’t pay very well or have weird points systems that don’t translate to very much cash. Are they scams? No. Every one I have come across has offered some kind of incentive for completing surveys, but whether that incentive is worth the time invested is another matter. For me, I stick to three sites that I use daily: FusionCash, Cash Crate, and Inbox Dollars. I check others occasionally, but the bulk of the money I make is with these three sites. And the first month I started using them, I made $150 between the three.

One thing I would advise to stay away from is any company that requires you to pay to join. It may even sound like a good investment, but why bother paying to join something when there are so many options out there that are free?

There are quite a few options out there in the world of paid survey sites. It may seem like a shady business, but it’s really not. Survey companies just want your opinion so that they can shape their products and get the most out of their marketing. Some offers that can be completed are a way to try and get you to buy products or sign up for other services, but if you stick to the 100% free offers and complete the tasks as directed, you can make a great supplemental income without having to spend a dime!

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