What’s The Minimum Age Requirement To Get Paid Taking Surveys?

There are many kids and teenagers out there looking for ways to make extra cash. Taking surveys online is a great way to do this because it allows kids to set goals and earn money, while parents have the ability to monitor their activity. If you’re a parent and using these companies yourself, you can even get credit for referring your child (or vice versa).

So exactly how old do you have to be to get started on these paid survey sites? Some companies will let you sign up if you’re 13 (with parental consent of course), while others will not let you participate until you’re at least 18. Here are the most reliable sites and the minimum age requirement for each:

Cash Crate – 13

FusionCash – 13

Squishy Cash – 13

Mindfield Online – 15

InBox Dollars – 18

Vindale Research – 18

If you are under 18, it’s important to get parental permission to use these sites. I have underage family members who use both Cash Crate and FusionCash. They love them because they can choose the hours that work with their school schedule and if they’re too busy to take surveys, they aren’t penalized. If you’re underage and do decide to sign up for any of these sites, just make sure you get your parents’ approval!

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