The Top Three Survey Sites That Pay

I’ve tried making money on many paid survey sites, but these are by far my top three survey sites that pay. Here’s the rundown:

1. Cash Crate – By far one of the best and easiest sites out there. If you’re looking for surveys, it’s pretty average in that area. They have a lot of daily surveys you can take every 24 hours that generally pay 50-75 cents each. But the referral program is what I love about this site. It’s completely amazing! You not only get a commission from anyone you refer to Cash Crate, but you will also get a percentage of the referrals they make as well. It has minimal work involved and eventually you can earn money without doing anything. Plus they’ll give you a dollar just for signing up!

2. FusionCash – I absolutely love this site. It is one of the most simple and easy ways to make money and there are more options than just taking surveys. Completing the daily tasks is easy and they’ll pay you $3 for posting messages in their discussion board. They have a section for everything that’s free and won’t require a credit card, and they tell you exactly what you’ll have to do to earn the money. They pay by check or paypal and you can even set up direct deposit into your checking account. They even give you $5 as a sign-up bonus. The site isn’t as simple to navigate as some of the others, but it’s fairly easy to get used to and that’s really the only drawback there is!

3. Vindale Research – I really appreciate this company because their surveys pay well. The set-up process is a little annoying with all of the offers they try and get you to sign up for, but once you’re a member, you get some great opportunities. They pay $5-$75 for each survey you complete. A few of the evaluations they have available require a credit card to activate a trial period, but you can cancel the trial and not actually be charged. Overall, it’s a lot easier than trying to scrape together a few cents here and there like some of the other sites have you do and a pretty quick way to earn extra cash.