My Experience With The Cash Crate Referral Program

I’ve been doing a lot of research on Cash Crate because I’m a relatively new member. I was instantly intrigued by the company because I started to see other members who had made thousands of dollars using Cash Crate. Asking around, they all do it using the referral program. Cash Crate gives commission to members who refer people. Initially, you earn 20% of what anyone you refer makes and 10% of anyone they refer.

If you’re like me, you only know a handful of people who are even interested in making money online, so after you tap out that avenue, then what? Well, I started by posting my Cash Crate link on every social networking site I was on, including Facebook and Twitter. And then I created a blog, Twitter, and Facebook account exclusively dedicated to paid survey sites (you can use Youtube and Linkedin too). Now I spend most of my time trying to promote these things and move up the Cash Crate ladder rather than taking my own surveys. So far I’ve referred nearly 100 people and am slowly working towards my goal of being an “Elite” member with 500 active referrals. I did invest a lot of time in the beginning, but I’m noticing that the longer I have my account, the less I’m having to do. It’s nice to sign on and see that my money has gone up without even doing anything.

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