How Soon Can I Get Paid By Survey Companies?

It was one of the first questions on my mind when I started – when do I get my money?! If you don’t know ahead of time how the process works, it can be pretty frustrating. Every company I’ve come across has an amount you have to earn in order to get paid. Once you’ve reached that amount you can usually request a “cash out”, but some companies can take nearly two months to process and send a check. In a pinch to get some quick cash? You might want to choose what company you use based on their payment system. Here’s the companies I use and everything you need to know about getting paid:

Cash Crate: Is one of the best paid survey sites You need $20 to request a check. Payment is by check only until you are a Silver member, and then you have the option of direct deposit. Payments for the current month are not processed until approximately 20 days into the next month. It can take a while to get paid, but this is still by far one of my favorite websites!

FusionCash: You’ll need $25 to cash out, and at least $15 has to come from completed surveys and offers. Any time during the month that you cash out, it doesn’t get paid until around the 20th of the following month, so wait until the end of the month and you’ve accumulated more money to cash out. PayPal takes 1-3 days to receive, direct deposit 1-5 days, and a check mails in 1-2 days.

Inbox Dollars: Once you hit $30, you can request a check (check is the only option for payments). There is a specific payment schedule and it can take about 2 months to receive your first check. After you get the first one, you are considered a Gold Member and subsequent checks process in about a week.

Mindfield: You only have to accumulate $5 to cash out. PayPal takes 5-10 business days to process. Checks take 1-2 business days and are generally received quickly, but the site says to allow up to 4-6 weeks. One thing I must mention is that even though they have a much lower cash out amount,it can take just as long as some of the other sites to accumulate because they don’t have very many surveys available.

Squishy Cash: $20 to cash out – either by check or PayPal. Both are paid at the end of each month and can take up to 4 weeks to process.

Vindale Research: You have to make $50 and checks take up to 2 weeks. PayPal processes within a few days. You have to accumulate a considerably higher amount than with other companies, but Vindale usually pays more for their surveys, so it doesn’t necessarily take longer.

So there you have it. Everything you need to know about the payment systems of the more reliable companies that I use. I hope this information helps in your endeavors!