How Much Money Can I Actually Get Paid Taking Surveys?

It’s probably the most frequently asked question for newcomers. How much can I actually make taking these surveys? The answer really depends on which types of offers you want to take advantage of and how much time you want to spend doing them.

If we’re talking strictly surveys, Cash Crate offers 8 daily paid surveys that can be completed for a total of $5.70. If you complete them every day, that’s over $170 a month. Plus they’ll give you $1 just for signing up.

FusionCash has is one of my best paid survey sites 6 daily surveys, which pay a total of $4.20, which could mean more than $125 per month. Add in the $5 sign-up bonus that they’ll give you for completing your registration, and you’re well on your way to $150 a month. Complete both websites’ daily surveys and you can make $300 each month.

And that’s only what you can make doing the daily surveys. There are many other types of surveys that pay $1-$5 each and offers that can be completed for sometime up to $75.

There are also amazing referral programs. Cash Crate will give you 20% commission of anyone you refer and 10% of anyone they refer. And the more people you refer, the higher commission you’ll make. If you refer 20 people and they each make 20 dollars, then you will have earned $80 in commission, and that doesn’t even take into account anyone that your referrals might have referred.

FusionCash will pay you $3 for referring people once they complete registration and their first survey. If you refer 20 people to FusionCash and they complete their first survey, that’s $60 without having to actually do anything (besides referring someone).

There are so many different ways to make money using these companies. How much money you make really depends on what types of offers you want to do and how much time you want to spend doing them. Even if you only choose to take one survey per day, by the end of the month you’ll have made over $20.

My suggestion to anyone who is skeptical is to pick one site, like FusionCash or Cash Crate, and use it for one month. Complete the offers that interest you and skip the ones that don’t.

After you cash out and receive your money, you will be able to determine if the amount of time you spent is worth the reward you received. You may find that taking surveys isn’t right for you, or that you want to spend less time and cash out less often. Or you might discover that it’s a really easy way to make some extra cash. You might even look for more companies and additional ways to add to some money to your bank account. Either way – you’ll have made some extra cash, so why not give it a try?