Paid Survey Sites: The Only Two You Really Need To Know

Paid Survey Sites: If you choose any site to start getting paid taking online surveys, it should be one these:

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1. FusionCash – You get a $5 sign-on bonus, and a great variety of surveys and offers to complete. Each offer tells you exactly what you need to complete it. They will pay you for a lot of things that other places won’t, like following their company on Twitter and posting on their message boards. And because so many people post in the forums, they are full of useful information on which surveys and offers have been most beneficial for other members. This is by far my favorite survey site!

2. Cash Crate – You get $1 bonus for signing up. They have tons of offers, coupons, and shopping opportunities, as well as a number of daily surveys to choose from. But what makes this site so unique, is that they have a great referral program. Make a commission on anyone you refer and also on anyone that your referrals refer! You also get $3 when any of your referrals make $10. Get enough referrals and you won’t even have to take surveys to make money, it starts making itself!

Of course, there are other reliable sites out there, but these are the easiest and best ways to accumulate cash. If you get started on one of these sites and feel at all discouraged about how to make money using them, please contact me and I can help you with any questions you have!