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Online Paid Surveys For Teens & Kids of 12, 13, 14 Years Olds to Make Money

Paid Surveys For Teens
Paid Surveys For Teens

Paid surveys for teens. Here are online surveys for teens and kids of 12, 13, 14 years olds to make money free of charge. If you are a teen and looking to make money online via paid surveys then this post is for you.

There is no lack of websites searching for kids or teens to join their thoughts and opinions panel and also take surveys online for firms. The trustworthy ones are marketing research firms that contract with individual business to perform the surveys online. They may or may not also analyze the survey results and also prepare reports for the company owners.

How Online Surveys For teens Work

Whether you can take a survey as a kid depends on what the survey is about. For instance, if the contracting firm that contracted the survey manufactures toys, baby strollers or anything that kids enjoys or uses, they’ll want the survey takers to be kids, parents or grandparent of youngsters young enough to be transported in a baby stroller. So, a single Twenty-six year old man wouldn’t be eligible to get involved unless he had small child living with him. A publisher of video games for the xbox 360 would only want kids or people who actually own an xbox to take their paid surveys.

Some other surveys are constrained to kids or people residing in certain nations. For example, a survey on 4G wireless networks would be limited to nations which have a 4G network installed.

However, most panels have lots of different companies that are searching for participants who fit all types of profiles and you will find usually many surveys available that you will be qualified to take. It is also a good idea to enroll in several different panels to enhance the chances of qualifying for online surveys.

How can you get paid for taking online surveys as kid?

Again, that depends on the panel you enroll in. Some pay in cash straight away to your PayPal account or send to you a paper check. Some pay with points that can be used to purchase goods and services and are basically a cash rewards program. Others use a combination of both methods.

Joining a survey group is a great way to make extra money each month as a kid and if you are fortunate enough to be in among the highly paid target groups, that you may even be capable of making a living.

Yes, you could make money doing paid surveys taking. It’s a great job for kids, teens, students, stay at home mothers, retired people, as well as others who can’t easily go out to work every single day. It is also loaded with supplemental income for any kid who has a few hours to spare and would prefer to earn money than just sit and stare at the Television.

What is involved in online survey taking?

First you will have to find a paid online Best paid survey sites and enroll in it. Some are free and others, mostly scams, may impose a fee to use their service, stay away from them. After that you will have to fill out a pretty comprehensive profile. The user profile will likely be used to figure out whether or not you fit the demographic group the company wants to collect information from. After which you will be offered surveys to take. Should you accept the survey, you’re going to be paid after you complete it. At times you will be asked a few qualifying questions because they are looking for a specific subset of your demographic group.

How do you get paid?

Most paid online survey websites will either pay you by a mailed check or they could deposit the money directly into your survey PayPal account.

How much money can you earn as a kid?

That depends on how much time you invest taking online surveys, how many surveys you are offered and how much each survey pays for completion. While it is possible to earn a full time income, a small number of people will get rich taking online surveys, especially if you live in Europe, Australia or the U . S . as a result of high cost of living. Nevertheless, you possibly can make a very nice extra income doing

List of Paid Surveys For Teens:

More websites:

#1. MySoapBox.com is one of the online surveys for teens that supplies a number of instant electronic vouchers (e-vouchers, or online gift cards) in return for taking part in surveys. Although 25,000 points (worth $25) is needed to redeem rewards, once you acquire this balance you’ll be able to receive your gift vouchers with a few retailers in denominations as small as $1 (1,000 points).

Retailer gift voucher options contain: Amazon, Banana Republic, CVS Pharmacy, Groupon, Lowe’s, Old Navy, Sears, Sephora, and many more.
Cafe options include: Chill’s, TGI Friday’s, Red Robin, and more.
Participants may also decide to donate their points to a number of non-profit organizations. Each month a new charity is featured, and MySoapbox offers a first reward of $500.

New Member Signup Bonus. New members of MySoapBox will get 2,000 points (worth $2.00) paid to their account.

Get Points for Disqualifications. If you get disqualified while attempting to complete a survey, MySoapBox will even so award you 10 points for your attempts.

MySoapbox Referral Program. Users of the MySoapbox panel can refer their friends living in different households in exchange for Two hundred and fifty points.

MySoapbox Survey Roulette. Survey roulette is actually a survey router that allows members of MySoapBox to access available online surveys throughout various providers. Each time you properly carry out one of those online surveys, you’ll be paid One thousand points ($1) to your account. It is possible to participate in survey roulette several times a day, on a daily basis.

To take part, you’ll first be asked a series of screener questions. Once a qualifying survey has been discovered for you, you will be notified of the survey length just before accessing the survey. These chances change daily, so if you’re interested in participating, it is best to access Survey Roulette frequently.

Eligibility: Available to citizens around the world who are 13 years and above.

#2. EPoll.com Surveys online that accepts teens and that correspond to entertainment-related marketing research, such as online surveys concerning Television watching habits. Geared towards youthful people. As a user of Epoll you could be asked to watch new TV commercials or in certain cases even watch and also review DVDs which are forwarded directly to your home!

Points for Surveys. E-Poll prizes points for taking surveys online, which could range between 100-1000 points, with respect to the length as well as the nature of the survey.

Reward Available Options. For a minimum of 2750 points in your account, you are able to redeem your points for a reward. Be aware that points increase in value as they are accumulated.

Redeem the proper volume of points for a $5 (3750 points), $10, $15, $20, $25, $30 PayPal payment
Select from lots of gift cards to retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Starbucks, iTunes, Sears, Gamestop etc. Rewards usually get 6-8 weeks to get prepared.
2750 points = $5 non-profit donation to U . s . Red Cross, National Wildlife Federation, Make-a-Wish Foundation,

Humane Society, or St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Look out for regular monthly sweepstakes of $250 that could be won!

Qualifications: United states inhabitants 13.

#3. TheKnowledgePanel.com, now part of GfK Custom Research North America was made in 1999. The Knowledge Panel enables you to share your opinions and be heard!

Invitation Only Panel. This is an invitation only panel that needs a code to join. GfK at random chooses a few homes within the America to get an invitation in the email. Every single user, 13 years or older, who is residing at the selected household is welcome to sign up for the Knowledge Panel.

Receive $10 for an Introductory Survey. As a special thanks, the Knowledge Panel will send a one-time $10 reward to every household member who signs up and takes the initial survey.

Participate in Important Research. Once you are a registered member, you’ll be asked to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences on subjects such as health care and problems affecting the country. You’ll be invited to take part in surveys for TV networks, international firms and national polls. Survey sessions often take 10 to 15 min’s to accomplish.

Take Surveys and Earn Money. To show appreciation for the surveys you’ve carried out, you’ll be credited with 1,000 points per survey session, which translates to $1. Redeem points for prizes such as magazine subscriptions, coupons or gift cards. Also you can save up to a $25 cash check, or test your luck with making use of your points to earn sweepstakes. There are many award alternatives to explore in the customized online market place!

No Internet Access? Not An Issue. If you do not have access to the internet within your place the Knowledge Panel offers you a computer and offer you free dial-up access to the internet for users. It’s done this way to make sure all demographics are represented equally.

Ranging Demographics. The Knowledge Panel targets on many demographics to correctly represent the research being accumulated. Those demographics consist of, but are not limited to: Families, Hispanics, teens, young adults, baby boomers and working grown ups. The Knowledge Panel website is available in converted Spanish for ease of access.

Eligibility: Invitation only, restricted to United States homes. Has to be 13 to sign up. Family members below 18 should get parental or guardian approval before registering.

#4. Panelpolls.com is another online survey that accepts kids and has been rewarding participants since ’99. This panel is focused to households, children and teens. Some partners of Panelpolls include: Wendy’s, Hot Wheels, DreamWorks, Microsoft, Kraft, Nickelodeon and also Xbox. With companies such as these on board, many of the research is quite interesting and also fun!

Large Variety of Engaging Research Options. As the participant of Panelpolls, there are tons of exciting opportunities to choose from. You may be asked to share your opinion on different firms, non-profits as well as educational institutions that are looking for aid with their upcoming business decisions.

Research Opportunities: Watch movies online, Television shows, and also rate games online and websites ($5 to $10)
Join an internet Community (Make $15 monthly)
Beta Testing ($10 monthly)
Online Focus Groups ($55)
In-Home Ethnography ($55)

Special Opportunities if you reside in LA or NY City. People who reside in L . A . or New York may be invited to join in in-person focus teams on a variety of exciting topics. Such studies pay $75 to $200 each. They typically last 45 minutes to 2 hrs. Types of past research can include: TV show pilot testing, moms cheese and wine night, mobile games/app testing and other discussion or collaborative based functions.

Kids’ Projects. Panelpolls has many chances that are exclusive to kids, which makes it a superb panel for children to sign up! Some tasks involve: watching TV shows, testing online games, playing apps, toy surveys, celeb surveys and rating kid targeted brands.

Participation = Points. Panelpolls assures that you’ll make points for each research activity you take part in. Most activities are awarded with no less than 1,000 points which is the same as $1.00 Us dollars. Active participants of Panelpolls usually make 10,000 To 15,000 points monthly ($10 – $15).

Amazon Gift Card or Check. Once you have accumulated 10,000 points you can demand a $10 Amazon Gift Card. The other option is waiting till you’ve 20,000 points ($20) to request a check.

Sign up for Exclusive Communities. Panelpolls gives a variety of exclusive communities for members who want to concentrate on taking specific surveys on topics that interest them.

IGamelab Beta Testing Community: Be a beta tester for games online, mobile games/apps, virtual worlds and websites. In search of kids aged 6-12 and teens who’re 13-17 to beta test.

Paid Teens as well as Young Adults Community: Anyone who is 13-35 can join the Xtrender community where members can take part in reviewing social media, TV shows, applications and much more.

Paid Moms Community: If you’re a mom, you might be qualified for join this community where matters like: amusement, cooking/recipes, parenting advice, etc are reviewed.

Eligibility: U . S . residents only, Children: 6-14, Teenagers: 15-17, Young Adults: 18-24, Parents of children, aged: 2-17, Parents have to give permission for children that are 6-17 years of age. Multiple children may be registered per household.

#6. KidzEyes.com is an paid survey panel for teens owned by C&R Research and it is made for kids Six to twelve years old. KidsEyes obtains views from kids themselves when parental consent is obtained, and is fully compliant with the Online Privacy Protection Act.

Providing Kids a Voice. KidzEyes gives kids the opportunity to say their frank ideas on a number of exciting classifications including: clothing, games, Television shows, food, technology, school and more. Additionally, it will provide them an opportunity to discover and understand about new products which haven’t actually hit the market yet!

Fast & Easy Registry Process. To participate, first of all the parent or guardian most fill out the online sign up form. Once this information is gotten, the first survey invite should be forwarded via e mail within 1-2 weeks. As an additional bonus for registering, every child registered will be given 500 KidzPoints (equivalent to $5!).

KidzPoints. At KidzEyes collect “KidzPoints” for filling out surveys online, which are redeemable for money as well as other reward prizes. Once you have made 1,000 KidzPoints ($10) you are able to request a check or PayPal transfer! Teach your children ways to save up their KidzPoints to have a bigger check!

Survey Details. Surveys can be short, taking only a few minutes to accomplish, while some are longer and also more complex. Any time you finish a survey you’re going to be rewarded between $2 – $20 for your hard work! Children will receive normally about 1 To 2 survey invitations per month.

KidzEyes Superpoll.
Once a month, children will receive the KidzEyes SuperPoll survey that enters them into a sweepstakes where they could win up to 10,000 reward KidzPoints (worth $100)! Also watch out for other KidzEyes prizes at which t-shirts and nice games are given away as a appreciation.

More Web site Excitement. The KidzEyes web site gives great options for added fun! Check out the games, every week poll and kidz corner portions of the web site that are exclusive to users only.

Eligibility: Only families who reside in the US can sign up. Designed for children who are Six to twelve yrs old, once they reach the age of 13 they’ll automatically be subscribed to TeenEyez.

#6. LiveWire.com focuses on giving its panel users the opportunity to provide their ideas as well as thoughts on a diverse collection of trends, products as well as issues with the use of surveys online. To be a registered user, LiveWire requires your social security number, as every panel member is known as a “contractor” in the Usa government. It’s a risk-free and legit practice.

Take Surveys, Get Compensated. The reward system at LiveWire is simple and also easy. There aren’t points to receive or sweepstakes offerings, only a cash balance in return for performing surveys online. Surveys online are compensated with $1 – $50, most common around $5 – $10 each. Bigger online surveys usually are longer and more complicated naturally.

Rewards Given. Payment for surveys is provided in the form of a Tango Card which will take roughly 1 week to receive.

Type of Online surveys. The type of surveys you can expect as a LiveWire panelist are customer-focused. Issues for example cars, clothing, food & beverage, travel as well as retail are usually common survey targets. You may be invited to watch a commercial, critique a product that is still in the developmental level, or be a part of other exciting research opportunities!

Ages Young And Old Welcome!. Research is essential for all age ranges and demographics, LiveWire permits all ages to sign up for their panel, however children Thirteen as well as less than need parental approval. This is a great chance for young children to make extra money and feel important discussing their own views!

Qualification: America inhabitants only. All ages, 13 or below will need parental consent.

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